About Hayblade

The Hayblade Apparel program makes available to sporting clubs and associations, schools and businesses apparel and uniforms through quality suppliers and using the co-operative purchasing power offers a unique service incorporating quality products, delivery, on-line sales and revenue streams.

Using the combined purchasing power of all entities in the program, Hayblade Apparel is able to obtain unique opportunities to generate revenue and provide services and products to their members.

Our value proposition comes in four forms:

1. Volume Rebate based on your spend calculated on the total spend of the program – that is, cash back to you.

2. We host an on-line retail store for you to make your products available to the World at a retail price – all retail profits are returned to you (the wholesale amount of the retail purchases is included in your Volume Rebate).

3. No minimum quantities on Stock and Custom Apparel / Uniform items means reduced need for you to hold stock.

4. Partner Stores – access to other items through our partners of benefit to you.